The Best Skate Parks in the World – Culver City

The Best Skate Parks in the World - Culver City


The foundation of Skate Parks across the world has never been stronger with skate parks being constructed in all areas for skaters of all levels. The emergence of more and more parks has inevitably seen an increase in the standard of skating worldwide. This can be seen in competitions around the world as the basic skills can be perfected in the parks and brought to the competitive arena. These parks are the foundation of skateboarding and are where we began and our children will learn to skate, so the development of new skate parks is essential to the evolution of the sport.

Over the past 10 years skate parks have been the bedrock of a skater’s life and this has also seen major brands getting involved and innovating parks and the culture. One of these brands is Nike SB or Nike Skateboarding, this global brand sponsors new talent and creates a foundation for new, young riders to accomplish their dreams.

We are going to look at skate parks around the world to find locations and parks that have been utilised to adhere to the concept of building the very best skate parks for future generations. In this article we will look at the Culver City Skate Park in Southern California.

The Culver City skate park was opened in 2007 and created an instant impact, located on Jefferson Boulevard and Duquesne Avenue it spans 12,000 square feet of outdoor skating heaven. It is a public park so all level of skaters can enjoy the various sections from beginners to professionals. The main highlight of this park is the clover pool, this has been ridden by a variety of top skaters and all of them agree that if you are a pool skater then this is a pool that has to be enjoyed. This pool has 2.5ft pockets and a 9.5ft to 10ft deep end with plenty of riding lines and diversity to keep even the hardened skater coming back for more.

The park also features a street section which can be busy at peak times; this section includes a variety of obstacles to skate with quarter pipes. The street section is one of the most popular areas of the park and is home to a number of beginner and intermediate level skaters who want to perfect their skills before hitting the skate pool. The street section is ideal for practicing tricks and learning the basics of skateboarding without the hurt of wiping out.


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