Wold Most High Flying CEO’s Secrets of True Love Exposed – 10 Top Qualities Men Find Attractive in a Woman

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Drastically different from the popular belief, what high flying men find attractive in a woman is not limited to beautiful faces and movie star bodies with attractive busts and petite buttocks. These features are a bonus, but they pale in comparison to the other features a very successful man looks for in a potential life partner.

When it comes to fashion and how a lady looks, the fashion media and the popular notion that is sold to the masses is that a lady has to have a beautiful face, a slim figure, perky breasts, fashionable clothes and all manner of things to appeal to a man. If men where only into a women looking like a super model in makeup and the finest clothes, then you could never get around the house in track pants and a T shirt. Men, contrary to popular opinion can be a lot deeper than that and they are looking for a lot more than looks when it comes to a life partner. With hundreds of biographies of CEO’s behind me here are 10 qualities that CEO’s look for.

1. Outstanding Personality – If all a man looked for is tremendous looks in his life partner you would never see a rich handsome man with an average and dumpy looking lady at his side. That’s because men are looking for beauty that shines from within. Even the most stunning girl in the world can repel men if she is nasty and evil inside, full of spite and bitterness and envy of others. A man wants to be able to speak his mind with his lady and interact with her, laugh with her and be guided by her down to earth care-free personality, and wants to be able to relax and let his hair down with her. A lady with a wonderful personality is a sure fire attraction to a successful man.

2. Sense of purpose. – To a man that is highly driven who has big dreams and is pursuing them with vigor it is a huge turn on to find a woman just like himself who is driven, fast paced and passionate about achieving her dreams. Single men with destiny and a strong sense of purpose go weak at the knees around other single women who are high achievers, go getter’s who have a zeal to change their world. Rather than threatening a good man with a strong sense of purpose, you only intimidate the weak men, men you don’t want by your side anyway.

3. A reader and person up on current affairs – You have heard the cliche before, “Leaders are readers” A man that is shaking his world and making his mark in a constantly shifting world and country is always reading books that speak about the best trends and ways of doing things. If you look at high achievers most of them a great readers and always have their fingers on the pulse by reading journals and papers to see what is going on in the world. Telling one of these high flyer’s you only read women’s magazines is a dead turn off and probably the last words out of your mouth that he will be listening to on your date.

4. Good sense of humor – A good sense of humor is rated as the second most desired attribute that women want in a man. This is only beaten by honesty in a man. Likewise, a woman being able to have a funny outlook on life and the ability to make her man relax and split his sides with laughter is a big turn on. In the corporate world with suits and ties, there is much seriousness and not a lot of room to play the fool. A man under a lot of stress in a competitive environment where he always has to be performing at his best to win and bring home the bacon, wants to be able to burst out in laughter at home with his lover and release the tension.

As a highly driven man, who is at the top of his game, a man wants not only a woman that is in his league but one that can be naked in bed and playing games before and after making love.

5. Honesty – All men enjoy people being honest with them, but super achievers especially have a big need for a thinker and an intelligent woman who is very honest with them.

I am not sure if you know but people who are CEO’s and who are very powerful cannot seem to get honest answers from many people in business and in life. The trouble is that all of those around him are somehow dependent on him and his power and therefore only say things that they think will make him happy. They are all yes men.

A powerful man has ideas all the time and he wants to know which of his ideas have merit and which ideas are not so good. The last thing a top achiever wants to do is invest his time and his companies money into a silly idea that everyone but you are raving about.

I think that women have little idea of how important they can be do a high flyer.

Having a readership of my articles each week that put me in the top 1% of preachers in my country, and videos that are watched by many, I am very open to advice and especially changing behaviours in my life that are not good. I am 42 and one of my best friends is my pastors daughter at 22. I told her just three weeks ago that in the past year I had made 7 major changes in my life because of her advice.

I love Sarah as she is very bold and has no problem at all identifying things in me that suck and need to change. When Sarah tells me something has to change, I have a good talk to her about it and when I see she is right, I make the change.

The other day I was in her office and she said with a smile, “So Matthew when are you going to get on your knees and ask me to marry you?”

I laughed and told her that although her parents and my pastors love my relationship with her, they might have very strong words about me wanting to marry their only young and precious daughter. I told her besides, I love her as my friend and too much water had gone under the bridge. She smiled. Later that week she was asking if I knew any men that I thought she should marry. She wasn’t joking.

My point is this. Men want a women that they are going to commit to to be honest with them. If you tell them not to be so arrogant and prideful they will be shocked at first but after much discussion they will become a lot more humble.

Billy Joel at the peak of his fame, sang a song called, “Honesty.” If you have not heard it, go online and listen to it and read the lyrics. This song will do a lot more to convince you then my words here on a page.

6. Reliability A man wants and loves consistency in life. Nobody likes change and most people will resist it. A man does not want to marry you and have a wonderful sex life until you have had your children and then see no sex at all. A man does not want to marry you as you were always cooking great meals when you are dating and when you were married you didn’t cook the same standard. A man wants to know that you are the same now, you will be the same when the children are born and you will be the same when you are old.

Sure, we all grow and change, all of us become different over time, but a man does not want a sudden change from what he loves to something he does not like. If you are having a lot of pre-marital sex to hook a guy, make sure that sex continues right through the marriage or you will have one very unhappy married guy.

You might think I harp on about sex too much but you might be surprised that over 60% of prostitutes clients are men in serious relationships whose partners are not fulfilling them sexually. These are women that are not reliable with their man and honest with them.

I am very aware that women are not sex objects and when a woman is not emotionally being treated well she is in no mood to have sex, but these women should be up front and honest with their husbands as to what he is doing that is upsetting her rather then simply denying him sex.

I have driven a taxi for 6 years, 14 years ago, and talked to many men who are married about this subject and I can tell you that many men feel that they are trapped in a very unhappy marriage. A man has a tremendous love for children and family and not many of them like to lose their children in divorce, but the women of the world need to be put on notice that the un- reliability and blatant dishonesty and tricks they use to snare a high flying man are evil.

7. Good listener – As discussed before a man who is on top of his game has a lot of yes men around him that will not tell him the truth on new ideas and things. Having the ability to listen for an hour to an idea and to ask good questions to really get him expressing his idea is like gold to a man that is on top of his game.

I am not sure how many women know how many major technology changes and great inventions where brought into this world because of a woman helping a man to refine his idea and concept. You would not know this fact if you had not read the many books I have read.

If you take the time to read up on your partners work and his occupation and understand what he does each day and are always available for him to bounce his ideas off, you have no idea how attractive that is to a guy.

If I could chose a woman to marry and her parents would agree of course I would marry my little Sarah. I love her so much. Sarah has listened to hundreds of hours of my stories and ideas and my life and she is such a joy to speak to. So good is our relationship is that she would ask me when I am going to propose to her. So good is our relationship is that she would ask me if I know any men she should marry. So healthy is our relationship when she has a serious career choice she has to make, it is me that she phones.

Do you know that conversation is a two way street? Do you know if you listen to your man and make constructive comments for him that he will be very open to listening to you. Do you know that many men simply don’t talk about work and their life at work as you have proven early in the relationship that you were not interested in listening to them?

If you are single and going on a date, listen to your date and ask him all sorts of questions and just let him speak for hours. Leave your date with the feeling that all he did was talk all night and that he was very rude and did not even hear you speak. Keep that up for months, listening and listening and asking him more and more questions and whether you are fat or thin really pretty or really plain he will fall in love with you.

Oh and then when you are married keep it up. Soon you will have a husband that will listen to you for hours and your conversations and communication will be very healthy. You might sit down for dinner at 6pm and not get up till 11pm to do the dishes. You might make love at night and talk for hours in bed and get surprised that he makes love to you again. You might be shocked that your husband makes all the changes you want him to make, because he highly admires your opinion on things and knows that you respect him.

8. Don’t be materialistic – Any lady that wants to win my heart will have to be one that has little interest in things that cost a lot of money. While 22,000 people stave to death each day in this world, I will not be investing millions of dollars in my own house. If you want the finest of everything in this world and you are looking for a high flyer to give you a mansion a luxury car and all the best money can buy, and you are stunning you may get your wish.

It is amazing how many guys will pay for sex with a stunning girl. There will always be shallow rich guys that will buy your body and give you all you want of his empire to get you on his arm and in his bed.

But then there are the guys that are worth many millions of dollars who are happy in jeans and T shirts and do not spend their money on all the commodities of the world. A rich man does not get rich spending money on useless things that depreciate in value. The only reason many ladies get a mansion is that bricks and mortar are an appreciating asset that a wealthy and wise man is happy to have in his portfolio, though if he thinks his marriage is not a good one he is not going to risk a huge amount of money in a house he might have to sign over to you.

A man who is treated like a prince will treat his wife like a princess, but you are not going to impress a down to earth millionaire with expensive tastes that your own income cannot support.

I know a Christian lady whose husband died. Three years later she was dating a man that lived next door to her that was an atheist. She was struggling to make ends meet as a widow and had always had the best money could buy with a husband that was a good earner. Since she was 18 years of age when he married her she had never worked a day in her life. Now she was working in a nursing home, it was hard work and finally she had found a next door neighbour with 7 houses and plenty of money. She was bragging that she would be able to go back to the easy life until two months before the wedding he told her that she would have to keep her job if she wanted to buy all the expensive dresses and clothes that she wanted. She was heartbroken and told us that when he was married to her things would change about that!

Two things shocked me about this lady I loved.

First I do not know how a Christian could be happy with a man that says there is no God and the subject of Christianity was not allowed to be spoken about in his house.

Second I was stunned with her statement that said, his idea of her having to work would all change when she started giving him sex as she was not having sex before marriage. I was very hurt by her attitude that she was going to try and use her body as a weapon.

If you want a CEO and a high flyer, best to treat him like a prince, help him build his empire and dress the best you can with little money. If you are a high flyer yourself its best not to think that your standard of living has to go up when you marry.

9.Independent and successful– Only a man that is insecure is threatened by an attractive, intelligent, independent woman. The ability to bring home the bacon and achieve in the corporate world in a great way is absolutely no threat to a man that is a very confident man. A man who is a leader loves to lead, that is for sure, but you being in a career and a fast paced high flyer in your own right is not a turn off, rather it is a turn on.

I am not sure if you know but men love to brag about their wife to other men they admire. They like to talk about the deal you just won, or the case you just won, or any other great thing you have done.

It is a fine position to be in when your man is boasting about you about something other than being good in bed, a good cook or a good mother.

If you have all of these qualities I have mentioned beforehand, the man won’t ever be talking about his sex life with his friends.

10. Physical appearance. – My pastors daughter Sarah has a bit of weight on. She looks to have come out of the frame of her mother who many would say is really overweight. Last week when we were having the discussion about why I had not proposed to her, Sarah brought up the objection that I was saying friends because of what she looked like. I told her if her mother was not married I would love to be married to her mother. This made Sarah’s jaw drop in shock as she knows I do not lie. She asked why would I say that as she did not know. I told her that her mother was the finest Christian I have ever met and would make a great partner for me.

If looks where all men looked for in a lady then you would never see very rich and wealthy and handsome men with average and ugly women. The fact that you see Billionaires with plain women proves that the 9 qualities above are highly favoured by real movers and shakers.

The fact that you see old rich men with stunning wives can be the fact that many men marry for a great body and sex, yet the opposite is true also where some stunning women look for quality of character also and these high flying men are the only guys that attract them in all the above areas.

I hope you have found my article informative. Please send it to your friends, comment on it or vote out of 5 stars if you really liked it.


Source by Matthew Robert Payne

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