Top 10 Most-Read Newspapers in the World


The concept of newspapers has been around since ancient times. A newspaper informs its readers about current events in all sorts of areas of interest. In newer times of human history, newspapers have traditionally been printed in black ink on white to grey paper. The most-read newspapers usually got published and still get published on a daily basis.

Now, in today’s digital era, newspaper readership has largely shifted to the internet. In addition to its print version, almost every newspaper publication nowadays has an online version. Unlike the print versions, the online versions of newspapers don’t just get published every day, they get updated several times per day. Whenever something newsworthy happens, you can expect to read about it on the online site of the newspaper within an hour or so.

Despite this increasing shift to the online realm, printed newspapers still very much exist. The world’s most-read newspapers usually reach millions of readers with both their print and online versions.

The following ranking lists the Top 10 Most-Read Newspapers in the world by the number of daily readers. The number of readers of the print versions is determined by the number of the respective newspaper’s daily circulation, while the number of online readers by the average number of unique users that visit the newspaper’s online editions on a daily basis.

The Top 10 most-read newspapers in the world by the number of total daily readers. The numbers include readers of the print and digital versions of the newspapers as well as online visitors to the newspapers’ official websites. Online visitors are measured by unique visitors based on statistics provided by SEMRUSH.


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