Home Mortgage Loans for People with Bad Credit – Pros and Cons


Home mortgage loans for people with bad credit allow you to buy your own home, even with a bankruptcy or foreclosure in your record. With subprime lending, you can find reasonable rates and terms, and you always have the option of refinancing in the future as your credit improves. However, beware of hidden fees and scams targeted at people with poor credit.

Best Home Mortgage Rates with Subprime Lenders

A common misperception is that if you have less than stellar credit, you will have to pay several points higher for a home loan. Not true. Most subprime lenders will only charge a couple of points higher. Their fees will also be comparable to conventional loans.

To find these low rates, you need to do your research. You have hundreds of lenders to choose from, so pick the best one. Financing companies will give you quotes at your request so you can make comparisons. Online sites can really speed up this process.

Refinance Property for Low Mortgage Rate

Subprime mortgages are commonly refinanced in a couple of years. Even with a bankruptcy, you can improve your credit score to A- standing in only a couple of years. Following best practices in handling your credit will also ensure lower rates for other types of credit.

If you are planning to refinance your home loan or move, make sure your potential mortgage doesn’t carry an early payment fee. If it does, you can usually pay a point to waive, or you can look for better terms with another lender.

Beware Of Mortgage Loan Fees and Scams

People with poor credit are often targeted for home loan scams, which can include outrageous fees or rates. By being a cautious shopper and looking at several different lending companies, you won’t fall for these traps.

When you compare loans, look at the APR. This number includes both closing costs and the actual interest rate. Also, read all paperwork to be sure you don’t get caught on any items not originally discussed. Remember, you can void a loan contract up to three days after signing.

Shopping for a mortgage is just as important as shopping for your home.


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