Refinancing Second Mortgage-What’s the Difference Between a 2nd Mortgage and a Home Equity Loan?


A 2nd mortgage and a home equity loan are basically the same type of financing. Both can cash out part of your home’s equity, require paying application fees, and have a variety of term options. The only difference is that you can use a second mortgage as part of your home’s down payment or apply for one once you are in the house. Home equity loans can only be secured when you have actually bought the house.

Second mortgages and home equity loans can both be refinanced for better rates or more favorable terms at any time, either separately or as part of a total mortgage refi.

Refinancing Options For Equity Loans

Equity loans have a number of refinancing options. You can refinance your second mortgage as just another second mortgage, only with better rates and terms. You can decide to change to a fixed rate mortgage for security. You may also want to shorten your loan period to pay less on interest charges.

Or you can rollover your loan as part of your first mortgage. By
refinancing both mortgages, you can qualify for lower rates. You also save on closing costs by only going through the application process once. Combining both mortgages is best for those with two high rate mortgages and a plan to stay in the house for several years.

Be A Smart Shopper With Your Refinance

While refinancing may be the answer for your budget, you need to spend some time making sure you are getting a good deal. With a little bit of time analyzing loan quotes, you can find lower rates and cheaper fees – saving you money.

With online lending companies, you can receive loan estimates without damaging your credit score. By providing information on your loan amount and credit standing, you can get quotes on rates and fees. With these numbers you can make an informed decision on which is the best financing for you.

Refinancing is also a great time to revaluate your over all finances. With a refi, you can cash out additional equity, allowing you to consolidate debts or invest in home repairs.


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