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Real Estate Property Investment in Gurgaon


Real estate (property) investment in Gurgaon is a highly lucrative investment option. Individuals and investment companies have consistently rated Gurgaon property investment their preferred choice. There is an unprecedented and inexorable growth momentum generated by multiple causative factors. During the preceding decade, the Gurgaon real estate value has witnessed a growth rate of 500 to 700 per cent. Among the multiple factors augmenting this growth, the presence of a host of multinational corporations in the region is of primary significance. In the wake of the liberalization of economic policy coinciding with globalization, the Indian subcontinent has emerged as a major global market. In tune with the regional growth trajectory, a caravan of international brands has made a beeline for the subcontinent. These companies, while looking for space to set up shop in the national capital, have found Gurgaon an ideal spot. Gurgaon, the state-pampered hub, nestling on the Haryana border in close proximity to Delhi was looked upon as an ideal bride. The choice became irresistible in the background of a space-starving, crowded national capital.

The attraction behind real estate investment in Gurgaon is also due to the quantum leap in infrastructure sophistication in the region. The New Delhi-Jaipur National Highway is an arterial road offering easy connectivity to Gurgaon from both sides. The recently commissioned Delhi-Gurgaon 8-line expressway is a milestone in the history of transportation in the region. This expressway has very much eased the traffic snags which were endemic in this stretch a year ago. The Delhi-Gurgaon metro rail is nearing completion and the proposed Gurgaon city metro rail is in the pipeline. With these transportation facilities, accessibility to Gurgaon has increased manifold. This has had a direct impact in real estate investment in the region.

If you are looking for real estate investment in Gurgaon, you should gather sufficient information beforehand. A personal visit to the Gurgaon properties would be most salutary. Alongside, you can have access to other information channels. Or, if you are under your regular schedule and time not at your disposal, you can contact real estate consultants and agents in the region. Again, you should be wary when dealing with these realtors. It is better to gather information from multiple sources and arrive at your findings and conclusions and decisions. There are a number of prestigious projects in the locality promoted by leading infrastructure development companies like DLF, Parsvanath, Ansal, etc.


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