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Online Real Estate Investing Classes – Get Educated to Make Money


Getting educated in real estate investing is the key to making profits. Many people are utilizing online real estate investing classes to learn the trade. Let’s take a look at some of the classes people can take to learn property investing.

1) Short Sales – You need to look for classes that teach you about BPO’s, negotiating with lenders, how to find homes in pre-foreclosure, meeting with homeowners and how to put together a short sale package.

2) Bank Owned – Try to find classes that review where to find bank owned, contacting Realtors that list bank owned, what prices to pay and what to watch out for when buying.

3) No Money Down – How to buy with no money down, owner financing, other people’s money and hard money lenders.

4) Landlording – Make sure the classes review finding good tenants, evicting tenants, rents for rentals, how to manage rentals and rental repairs.

5) Wholesaling – Look for where to find properties to wholesale, how to structure wholesale deals, where to find cash buyers and ensure paperwork is properly filled out for your deals.

6) Flipping Homes – There are many TV shows that have programs showing you professionals flipping homes. This is real but you do not get to see all the details needed for flipping a home. Make sure you learn how to buy right, what price to pay with your profit included, how to utilize contractors and cost for contractor work.

You will have to make sure that the training you are looking for has the information you need to be successful.


Source by Derek Carter

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