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Using Real Estate IRA To Increase Your Retirement Funding


Preparing for your retirement by creating a real estate IRA trust is one of the best ways of ensuring that you have made provision for the future. Facing retirement can be a daunting process especially if you are not sure if the investment that you have in your existing IRA will be able to cover the plans that you have. No one wants to carry on having to work when they could be retired, but the fact is that many people find themselves in this position, which could have been avoided with good financial planning and professional advice from a financial adviser.

Real Estate IRA investment is a way of putting the money in your IRA to work for you before you reach the age of retirement. There are a number of ways of accessing the money and using it to benefit you and your family during your retirement. Real Estate IRA investments are one of the most secure and risk free investments that a person can make. Even in an economy that is struggling to perform, real estate is still one of the sectors of the economy where people can make a lot of money.

Ways of investing in a Real Estate IRA for your future

1. Invest a portion of the funds in your IRA into a Real Estate IRA Investment Trust. This form of investing allows you to buy the shares and stock in any real estate investment fund in the same way that you would invest in mutual funds or an Exchange Trade Fund (EFT). There is very little risk, and although the shares do trade up and down depending on the prices and the state of the stock market, they are a remarkably safe way of letting your money work for you.

2. Invest in a Real Estate IRA self directed account. This type of investment allows you to set up a self directed IRA fund and to transfer an amount of money from your IRA account directly for use from the self directed IRA account. The freeing up of this money allows you to make a direct investment in a property that can be used to create a residual income that must be paid into the IRA. This method of investing requires some thought, but there are many professional independent lending companies who will be able to find you an investment that will fit your risk profile.

3. Hard Money lending. This form of investing works like a loan. You loan the money in yourself directed IRA to individuals or businesses for a short period of time, with an extremely high return on investment. The return is somewhere in the region of 12 – 15% and it does mean that the rewards are great. The risks however are equal, as you are investing in the potential and the promise of a return that is not guaranteed. It is always wise to consult with a private money lending company who will advise you on the best investment for your IRA funds.

Whichever method you choose, you will be satisfied to know that you and creating a Real Estate IRA that will give your retirement funding a healthy injection of money, so that you are able to enjoy retirement.


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