Top 10 Luxury Brands in the World


There are roughly speaking two types of brands in terms of the market they target: Mass brands and Luxury brands. Most brands in the world are mass market brands that try to maximize the number of customers who will and can buy the brand’s products. These brands and the companies behind them will usually make sure that their products are affordable for average, regular buyers. While the per-item price is relatively low, the revenue is generated by the sheer number of people who are buying the brand’s products.

But then there are also brands that use the opposite strategy. Luxury brands specifically target rich people and promise to offer them prestigious, high-quality, and limited products that are unavailable to regular people. By excluding most of the population, luxury brands have to demand a higher price for their products in order to be profitable. The number of customers buying the brand’s products is unavoidably lower, but the revenue is generated through a much higher per-item price.

The following ranking lists the Top 10 largest luxury brands in the world. Brands in this ranking are all specifically targeting high-income people and are therefore not mass brands. These luxury brands come from various types of branches and offer a wide variety of different product types, which all, however, are characterized by relatively high prices compared to mass market brands in the same product segments.

The Top 10 largest luxury brands in the world based on worldwide sales/revenue achieved in 2021. Brands of all industries are eligible. All brands eligible in this ranking are specifically targeting high-income customers by offering their products for relatively high prices compared to mass-market brands in the same product segments.


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