Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World


The size and scope of the hotel industry continue to grow. With more hotels being built every year, it’s no wonder that the hotel industry now belongs among the largest billion-dollar industries in the world. In fact, there are now almost 200,000 hotels in operation throughout the world. Hotels can vary in many aspects, such as the type of accommodation, the level of service and luxury as well as the type of location. Within that number, some hotels also stand out from their peers with their size and scope. The following ranking lists the currently 10 largest hotels in the world by the respective number of rooms they provide for their guests.

These properties cater to large groups of people as opposed to individual guests and are usually located right in the middle of popular cities that are visited by millions of people every year. The hotels are all impressive big sights in their own way and use their size to offer guests soaring atriums, opulent dining halls, or luxuriant and innumerable spa facilities or services. All these factors turn these ten world’s largest hotels into sights of their own and can make stays in them an unforgettable experience.

Note: The following ranking lists the 10 largest hotels in the world by room count. Click the following for the 10 largest hotel chains in the world or the 10 best hotels in the world.

The 10 Largest Hotels in the World

1. First World Hotel

largest hotels in the world - largest hotel in the world - first world hotel
The First World Hotel on Mount Ulu Kali in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. No. 1 among the largest hotels in the world.

The First World Hotel in Genting Highlands, Malaysia is the largest hotel in the world with a stunning capacity of 7,351 rooms available for its guests. The First World Hotel, consisting of two highrise buildings, is part of the First World Plaza, a 500,000 sq feet / almost 50,000 sq meter designated area of the Genting Highlands which aside from the hotel also boasts an indoor theme park, a big shopping center, and various restaurants and other food places. The plaza and the hotel are located atop Mount Ulu Kali surrounded by wide areas of rainforest. This offers spectacular views from the hotel rooms and the surrounding areas.

The hotel in Genting Highlands is also only around 50 km / 31 miles away from Malaysia’s capital and largest city Kuala Lumpur, which can be reached in about an hour of driving by car. The world’s largest hotel was opened in 2001 and is owned by the Genting Group, a major Malaysian corporation involved in many different business branches.

2. MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Las Vegas during night. The largest single-building hotel in the world.

The world-renowned MGM Grand Las Vegas comes second among the largest hotels in the world with a total of 6,852 available rooms and suites. This makes the MGM Grand Las Vegas the largest single-building hotel in the world. Aside from its size, the casino hotel of course is also globally known for its legendary casino, which itself belongs to the biggest ones in the world, and adjoining world-famous entertainment venues, where you’ll find some of the biggest artists and magicians in the world performing. Multiple high-class restaurants and bars are also within the four-winged hotel building.

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is situated in the town of Paradise (which usually is referred to as Las Vegas) right on the Las Vegas Strip, the main attraction of the metro area, where all of the legendary Las Vegas casinos and other hotels and resorts are located. The perfect spot for Las Vegas’ biggest hotel.

The hotel was opened in 1993 by media company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) but it is now owned by Vici Properties, a major American real estate company specializing in casino hotels and which also owns several other well-known Vegas hotels on the Strip.

3. Luxor Las Vegas

The Luxor Las Vegas, as seen from Harry Reid International Airport. Credit: Jenny Lee Silver, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Luxor Las Vegas is the third largest hotel in the world, and in many respects, it certainly also belongs to the most unusual hotels in the world. The casino hotel contains 4,407 rooms and it is built in the form of a pyramid, consisting of 30 stories with many thousands of glass windows. It is named after the Egyptian city of Luxor, which is one of the oldest still-existing cities in the world. The ancient Egyptian theme of the hotel also becomes apparent by the giant replica Sphinx statue that stands before the pyramid hotel.

Aside from the hotel rooms themselves, the Luxor also includes a large casino, several clubs and restaurants, and an entertainment venue with world-renowned shows and regular performances by some of the biggest musicians in the world.

As is the case with most of the biggest Las Vegas hotels, the Luxor also is located on the Paradise portion of the Las Vegas Strip, very near Harry Reid International, the main airport of the Las Vegas metro region. The Luxor was opened in the same year as the closeby MGM Grand in 1993. Originally built by the now-defunct company Circus Circus Enterprises, the Luxor Las Vegas is now also owned by Vici Properties.

4. The Venetian Las Vegas

The Venetian Las Vegas, with the Venetian Gothic-style tower in front.

The Venetian Las Vegas is fourth among the largest hotels in the world, but it also belongs among the most luxurious casino hotels anywhere in the world. The Venetian is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise and offers world-class amenities and comfort at its finest, with its luxurious 4,049 rooms and suites. As the name suggests, the casino hotel is based on the Italian city of Venice with its characteristic canals and Gothic-style buildings. The hotel complex offers impressively realistic replicas of the original Venice, making guests of the Venetian feel like they’re at the Adriatic Sea and not in the middle of Nevada.

Aside from the casino, the hotel complex also includes the luxury indoor shopping mall ‘Grand Canal Shoppes’, numerous nightclubs and bars, and even its own convention center. There’s also a second luxury hotel within the complex, the Palazzo, which additionally offers around 3,000 rooms and suites. Put together, the hotel complex is thus the second-largest worldwide.

The Venetian Las Vegas with its 36 stories and the appertaining resort was originally built and owned by American billionaire Sheldon Adelson in 1999. After Adelson’s death in 2021, the Venetian was then sold to Vici Properties.

5. Aria Resort & Casino

The two curved hotel buildings of the Aria Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Aria Resort & Casino concludes the Top 5 of the largest hotels in the world. Aria is a luxury casino hotel, also located on the Las Vegas strip in Paradise, Nevada. As one of the newer Vegas locations, the 5-star hotel with its two curved highrise towers features 4,004 luxurious rooms and suites, but also a full-service spa, salon, fitness center, rooftop pool, private cabanas, 16 high-class restaurants, over 10 nightclubs and bars, and of course also an extensive casino gaming floor. Aside from thousands of slot machines and table games, the hotel’s casino also includes one of the most high-limit poker rooms in the world.

The Aria Resort & Casino furthermore includes its own convention center, offering its guests a variety of entertainment, including live bands, DJs, and comedy shows. With its modern decor and expansive gaming floor, Aria Resort & Casino has quickly managed to become one of the top places to stay for a luxurious Las Vegas experience.

The hotel was originally built and owned by MGM Resorts, but since 2021 it is now owned by the American investment company Blackstone.

6. Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The European medieval castle-themed entrance of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, winged by the two angled highrise hotel buildings.

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is the sixth-largest hotel in the world. The family-friendly casino hotel is also located on the infamous Las Vegas Strip in Paradise and features 3,981 guest rooms and suites, a variety of restaurants, a shopping arcade, a fitness center, and a spa area. The hotel’s casino offers players over a thousand slot machines, table games, and a race and sports book. The hotel is themed as a medieval castle and named after the legendary sword of King Arthur, the legendary king of Britain. The hotel’s exterior and interior public spaces are all decorated, designed, and organized in the style of medieval Europe.

Aside from the rooms and the casino area, the hotel also provides a variety of entertainment options, including a number of themed and “normal” restaurants and an arcade that, among others, includes a laser tag arena. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino primarily targets families as guests and is relatively budget-friendly for a Vegas hotel on the Strip.

The hotel was opened in 1990 and was originally owned by the now-defunct Circus Circus Enterprises. It was then first bought by MGM Resorts and is now owned by Vici Properties, which bought the hotel in 2022.

7. Ceasars Palace

Caesars Palace with the fountain in front of the main entrance palace.

Ceasars Palace is a luxury casino hotel in Paradise, Nevada, and the seventh-largest hotel in the world. Ceasars Palace is often credited as being the first luxury casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and also one of the first themed hotels in the world. The world-renowned and iconic hotel is themed after the Roman Empire and named in honor of Julius Ceasar, the legendary Roman general, and Ceasar Augustus, the first Roman emperor.

The hotel offers 3,960 rooms and is comprised of five towers: the original first Julius Tower, the Forum Tower, the Octavius Tower, the Augustus Tower, and the Palace Tower. Each tower provides its own unique style and amenities. The Forum Tower, for instance, offers guests access to a variety of fine-dining restaurants, bars, and lounges. The Augustus Tower, meanwhile, features some of the most exclusive suites, as well as a luxurious spa and pool.

Aside from its luxurious casino Ceasars Palace is also home to multiple entertainment venues in Las Vegas, such as “The Colosseum”, where guests can enjoy live shows and performances from some of the biggest stars in the world. The hotel complex also includes a number of high-class restaurants, a Roman-themed luxury shopping mall, and gardens with original imported Roman statues from Italy. Roman luxury right in Nevada.

Ceasars Palace was opened in 1966, which makes it among the oldest still active casino hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. The casino hotel was first opened by American businessmen Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin and then sold to Harrah’s Entertainment (which renamed itself to Ceasars Entertainment afterward) in 2005. In 2017, Vici Properties, which spun off Ceasars Entertainment, then took over ownership of the Ceasars Palace, and thus now owns five of the seven largest hotels in the world.

8. Bellagio

The Bellagio with the fountain in front of the

The Bellagio is another luxury casino hotel in Paradise, Nevada, and the eighth-largest hotel in the world. It is themed after the town of Bellagio in Northern Italy. It is located right between the other luxury casino hotels Caesars Palace and Aria. The Bellagio is renowned for its opulence and elegance, and it is one of the most popular destinations for luxury stays anywhere in the United States. Aside from its 3,933 rooms and suites, the hotel features a vast array of amenities, including the casino, a spa, multiple high-class fine dining restaurants, upscale nightclubs, a luxury shopping center, a theater, and extensive spa and swimming pool areas.

The hotel’s interior also charms with its vast fine art collection, including original Picasso paintings. The Bellagio Casino is one of the most famous gaming venues in the world, offering a variety of gaming options including slots, table games, and poker. The hotel’s poker room, known as the Legends Room, is particularly popular among high-limit poker players. The casino also includes a separate room for high-rollers. The hotel’s exterior boasts of its world-famous fountain, which is one of the most striking attractions on the Las Vegas Strip, attracting even many non-guests of the casino hotel. This all makes the Bellagio not only belong to the largest hotels in the world but also an iconic Vegas symbol of luxury and extravagance.

The Bellagio was opened in 1998 and originally owned by American billionaire and real estate developer Stephen Wynn. Wynn sold the hotel in 2000 to MGM Resorts. In 2019 the Bellagio was then sold to American investment company Blackstone, which has been the hotel’s owner ever since.

9. Circus Circus Las Vegas

The Circus Circus Las Vegas comes ninth among the largest hotels in the world. The casino hotel is located in the northern portion of the Las Vegas Strip in the town of Winchester, Nevada. It’s therefore the largest Vegas hotel outside of Paradise. Due to its relative affordability, it has been a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Circus Circus Las Vegas offers 3,773 hotel rooms and suites across its two highrise hotel buildings while featuring a variety of gaming and dining options outside the rooms.

The hotel is themed after a circus and, while being a casino hotel, also targets families with children, offering numerous attractions for its younger guests. The hotel boasts an adventure dome with a variety of rides and attractions, including indoor roller coasters and a funhouse. The casino floor houses over 1,000 slot machines and numerous table games. Guests of Circus Circus Las Vegas can also enjoy live entertainment shows and a variety of restaurants and bars. The hotel also offers a number of amenities, such as a spa, fitness center, and pool. With something for everyone, the Circus Circus Las Vegas is a great destination for a weekend getaway or a fun-filled longer affordable Vegas vacation for entire families.

The Circus Circus was originally opened and owned by American businessmen Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin, the creators of the Ceasars Palace. Sarno and Mallin wanted to offer a more affordable and family-friendly themed casino hotel alternative on the Strip compared to the luxurious Ceasars Palace. Having opened in 1968, it is also among the oldest still existing largest hotels in the world. Sarno and Mallin sold the hotel in 1983 to real estate company Circo Resorts which renamed itself Circus Circus Enterprises afterward. After the company went bankrupt, MGM Resorts took over ownership in 2005, and then in 2019 sold the casino hotel to its current owner, American billionaire Phillip Ruffin.

10. Shinagawa Prince Hotel

The Top 10 of the largest hotels in the world concludes with the Shinagawa Prince Hotel located in Japan’s capital of Tokyo. The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is more specifically located in Tokyo’s Minato district, known as the city’s international district with lots of embassies and global companies having their headquarters or Japanese offices in Minato, thus also being the district of choice for many foreign residents.

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel includes 3,560 rooms across its two highrise buildings. The hotel caters mainly to foreign visitors. It includes seven restaurants, two bars/cafes, and one coffee lounge within its premises. Adjoined to the hotel are also an IMAX movie theater and a water park and a big swimming pool. The location of the hotel makes it particularly attractive to tourists and business travelers alike. The closeby Shinagawa station, after which the hotel is named, is a major railway station in Tokyo with multiple lines stopping there, granting easy access to the rest of one of the largest cities in the world and around 10 minutes to Tokyo’s major Haneda airport, one of the busiest airports in the world.

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is part of the international “Prince Hotel” chain, owned by major Japanese railway corporation Seibu Holdings. The chain includes over 50 hotels, mostly in Japan but also overseas, of which the Shinagawa one is the largest.

The Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World

Top 10 Largest Hotels in the World
Number of rooms: 7,351
Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
Number of rooms: 7,117
Paradise, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 6,852
Paradise, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 4,407
Paradise, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 4,004
Paradise, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 3,981
Paradise, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 3,960
Paradise, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 3,933
Paradise, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 3,773
Winchester, Nevada, USA
Number of rooms: 3,560
Tokyo, Japan
Updated as of February 2023.
Top 10 largest hotels in the world by number of rooms. Rooms include suites and other special accommodations within a hotel. Only rooms within individual hotels are counted for the ranking. Rooms within a complex or resort with multiple hotels are counted separately.


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