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The Properties And Uses Of Ertalon


Ertalon is a type of nylon made by keeps its stiffness much better than regular nylons and also has a high level of creep resistance. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures without changing its effectiveness as well as the natural aging process of this material, as it is known also for its longevity. The key properties of Ertalon include resistance against fatigue and aging; excellent resistance against wear; high levels of mechanical strength; high levels of mechanical damping ability; and sliding properties.

This special type of nylon is available in a variety of forms, notably rods, sheets, and various premade parts. They are created in various sizes for the consumer so that they can choose according to what suits their needs in the best way. Prices range for these products according to the form and weight of the Ertalon.

There are many ways to using this material due to its properties. It is mostly used in various industrial components for the manufacture and maintenance of equipment. Such things as wear pads, sleeve and slide bearings, conveyor rollers, cams, buffer blocks, seal rings, starwheels, chopping boards, insulators, feed screw, and other similar items are made using this material.

By using such things made of Ertalon, the manufacturers and others benefit from them is various ways. Using proper equipment for their processes means less time spending in maintenance because the parts are so well suited for the environment. Without this material, these companies would be looking at tens of thousands of dollars and more just in repairs because other materials wear down so much faster and cannot be used so well in the same fashion. Because of this, more companies in the recent past have started to change the materials they use to this style and have already started to see the benefits.


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