Should I Invest in Resveratrol Laced With Emodin?


Majority of the Resveratrol consumers is unaware that this alkaloid is present in moderate quantities. Yes, they do realize the same when they start experiencing stomach problems. Once the stomachache sets in, they research online and find out that it is this alkaloid that is commonly known as Emodin that is upsetting their stomach. Finally, the query given as the title of this brief article will occur on their mind. Very little information can be found about Emodin and those will never satisfy your inner thirst. The effects of the same compound will be illustrated in the succeeding passages.

Emodin in very minute quantities actually works out to be favorable to the common person. Many pharmaceutical companies have released various laxative agents while keeping this chemical as the primary ingredient. So where lays the problem? The concentration of Emodin is the primary factor that is to be taken into account. When that threshold is breached, it will upset the stomach and will even lead to diarrhea. If you wish to avoid such conditions, you will have to start researching into the feasible levels of Emodin that is appropriate for human consumption.

Japanese knotweed is one primary agent that is used for preparing Resveratrol supplements. The concentration of the Resveratrol (and Emodin) present in this weed is one reason why manufacturers have chosen the same vegetation. We cannot blame them, they always look out for tips that will help them save a couple of millions every year. The other source of Resveratrol is red grapes. Only a handful of the manufacturers often switches to red grapes because of the high associated costs. Yet, the result is something, which is more viable – the concentration of Emodin in Resveratrol supplements manufactured from red grapes is minute.

One of the best methods that can be chosen by you to avoid medical ailments while consuming Resveratrol is to research into the niche. The internet is one of the best information hives one can come across. Ample insight into the Resveratrol concentration levels has been elaborately discussed in many websites. If you are in doubt, please locate the nearest diet specialist. He will be able to help you by recommending some of the best Resveratrol supplements available in the locality. Always heed the advice given away by these specialists because they have years of experience combating dietary problems.

Ironically, only some of the users have reported to develop ailments while consuming Resveratrol that has been laced with Emodin. Consider yourself lucky if you are not experiencing any conditions outlined over there. Some people have reported that the body gets used to the alkaloid and the diarrhea will stop within a few days. Research in this niche is still at its infancy and hence, you will have to proceed with caution. Else, you will have to perils by yourself and sometimes, excessive diarrhea will even lead to the death of the patient. If you are experiencing problems, please try switching to another Resveratrol supplement.


Source by Lee M Chan

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