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Real Estate Photography Tips For Realtors – Don’t Do it Yourself, You’ll Lose Your Commission Check

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I was the one who did it; I took photographs of the listings that I considered to be particularly good and used them for my online MLS listing. Before I started working as a buyer’s agent in Seattle a few years ago, both my clients and I felt everything was going swimmingly for them. Until then, I didn’t realize how much room for improvement there was.

I spent each week interacting with more than forty unique buyers, and on a daily basis, I was told, “Have you taken a look at the listing pictures?” We have no interest in looking at that slum of a house because it is in terrible condition. Does the listing agent have any idea how unappealing they are?” It is quite clear that the listing agent did not invest any money in purchasing real estate photographs.

My purchasers would also see some fantastic listing images, which would make them want to get into the home to see it that afternoon. As soon as we stepped inside, they questioned whether or not this was the identical house that they had seen online. They felt as though they had been duped because the photographs looked nothing like the actual property. (but at least the listing agent was able to get potential purchasers interested in the house)

In the end, everything came down to the listing pictures they viewed on the website. That is absolutely necessary to promote listings! If you provide potential buyers with an appealing image, they will be eager to view the home immediately. If you show them a picture of anything that they can “do it themselves,” they will go on to the next house. The listing images are what make the difference, especially when you shell out a little cash to have professional take pictures of your property.

Even in cases when the photographs in the listing were more appealing than the home itself, guess what? It still managed to attract customers inside! As a listing agent, this should be your primary objective: set up as many showings as you can. This is made possible by the use of professional real estate photography.

The listing images are the very first thing that buyers look at and use to form their first impressions of a property, as more than 80 percent of purchasers are now conducting their home searches online.

Because you are unwilling to spend a few hundred dollars on professional real estate photography, how much money do you believe you are losing out on in commissions because of this decision?

If you did spend some of the money that you wisely put into marketing on some professional real estate photography……

Because the home sold so quickly, you might have more clients who are happy with their purchase.
You could have been able to make more money if you hadn’t been forced to lower the asking price since the listing had been sitting on the market for too long.
You can get the impression that you are one of the most successful real estate agents in the region if you make more sales more quickly, improve the way your listings look, and keep your customers happy. Your image in general has been significantly improved!

Isn’t it funny how something as seemingly insignificant as a minor part of your company may affect the whole thing? You should feel a jolt of energy whenever you become aware of how a particular factor affects your net income, right?

Don’t try to use the fact that it’s too expensive as an excuse for not buying it because it’s not. Consider it an investment in marketing and advertising, since that is precisely what it is: a marketing and advertising expense. Additionally, investing in professional real estate photography is one of the most productive ways to use your marketing budget.

You have a couple of possibilities……..

You may contact someone who specializes in real estate photography in your region and offer to pay them between $50 and $200 to visit your listing and take some amazing images there. Ensure that they are of the highest quality, that they have the appropriate equipment, and that they fully comprehend the purpose of these photographs. You don’t want to pay for professional real estate photography. That’s not much of an upgrade from the pictures you took yourself.

You also have the choice of working with a company such as, which specializes solely in the photography of real estate. They make their living by providing real estate agents with listing images.

You can book your photo shoot on their website, spend approximately $200, and obtain the most stunning listing photographs you’ve ever seen, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Their real estate photography will make your home look like a palace, even if it’s a dump when it’s on the market, so don’t worry about that.

Do not, I repeat, do not stint on the quality of your real estate photos. Consider the money spent to be an investment instead. Wouldn’t it be worth it if you invested $200 in professional real estate photography and made an additional $20,000 in commissions that year as a result of faster sales, more clients, and better listing prices? Without a doubt!


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