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Real Estate Investment – Sharp Rise in NRI Real Estate Investment Since Last Few Years


As per the survey, since last few years Indian Real Estate has been made its position very strong in stock markets. Indian realty sector achieved an average of 30% growth in last year and now India is the fifth largest economy in the world. There are many factors are (remove) responsible for that and NRI Investment is one of them. We know that due to India’s consistent growing economy, investors are obtaining the benefits with the ongoing wave.

Investors in Indian Property are either NRI (Non Resident Indian) or Indian Origin; however, both want to take the benefit of being Indian or of Indian Origin. Also the Indian government’s recent declaration of reforms/relaxations for such stream of investors influences the NRI real estate investment. Indian is the second largest among emerging nations which has shown a potential growth in investments destination for the NRI population.

Indian government as well as Indian property market provides special NRI Real Estate quota to NRI population for various land sales to lure more and more foreign investment. NRI dealing services are taken separately by leading banks and financial institutions which include NRE, NRO bank accounts, housing loans and other home loan related products. If you want to find out further details about the NRI investment procedures and available help then please refers websites of banks. The real estate bubble is blooming with huge investments from all sides, but NRI investment plays key role for that.

Following are the factors which are responsible for the attraction of NRI investments in realty sector of India:

– Sale of land for commercial, residential & industrial development.
– Infrastructure support for global realty development.
– Strong support of NRI investments and FDI.
– Clear policies for real estate transactions.
– Liberal rules by GOI and RBI for NRI property and NRI homes investment.
– No limits for acquiring maximum number of properties.
– Easy availability of finance.
– Simpler repayment processes. E.g. normal inward remittances or debit in their NRE or NRO bank account.

The above listed factors have given the sturdy point to Indian real estate market in current market place and they will also provide a potential of touching USD 30 million in the next five years. The returns from the real estate investments have outperformed other investments.

However, easy home loan availability by financial institutions in India, NRI remittances & repatriation procedures and last but not least easy operability of NRE, NRO & NRCS bank accounts has materialized as the best of all the available prospects for the NRI’s looking forward to returning to India.


Source by Janhvi Savnani

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