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Real Estate Investment and Marketing – Creating Killer Sales Material by Using Swipe Files


Another way to dramatically increase your responses is through the use of swipe files. Swipe files are collections of past sales letters and promotional materials that have a proven record of being effective, or have in some way captured your attention with their headline or some other feature that made them stand out from all of the rest.

Collecting swipe files is a really good way to create an effective marketing message for your real estate investment letter, post card, flyer, or any other promotional tool that you use with your marketing plan.

How Can I Start a Swipe File?

  • Save Your Mail: You can start a swipe file by saving all of your promotional mail, especially the promotions that catch your attention. If it catches your attention, chances are it will work the same way with one of your prospects.
  • Get on Mailing Lists: Look for advertisements in real estate publications and request to receive information or to be added to a mailing list. Within a short amount of time you will start getting promotions. Read through all of your promotions and save the ones that appeal to you for your swipe files.
  • Other Promotions: You can also save newspaper and magazine clippings, websites, and other advertisements such as promo postcards. Be sure to make notes as to why these appeal to you and how they can be used to create attention-grabbing sales material for your real estate investment business.

Organize Your Swipe File

To create killer sales material, you will have to collect an extensive swipe file of marketing ideas. This means to save time you will have to organize the file according to the reasons the promotion captured your attention. For example, if you found an attention-grabbing headline, start a folder that is specifically for headlines.

Perhaps something in the body of the message captured your attention, so start a folder for ideas taken from the body of the message in promotions you have received. The better you organize your swipe files the more time you will save and the easier it will be to find ideas when you need them.

Build a Swipe File

You should add at least one or two ideas to your file every day and continually develop the file with new ideas. The more ideas you find the stronger your swipe file will serve you as an effective copywriting tool. After all, you do not have to be a professional copywriter to be able to enjoy the benefits of a strong swipe file.

Keep in mind that the purpose of your swipe file is not to outright steal other’s ideas and infringe upon copyright, but more to generate ideas of your own for creating effective marketing materials. Also, if you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper when it comes to starting your promotion, reading through your swipe files will help to stimulate your brain and develop new and innovative ideas for marketing your real estate investment business.


Source by Mike Lautensack

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