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Plant-Based Homeoplasmine Properties and Usage


Homeoplasmine is a plant-based, homeopathic remedy in pomade form intended for skin irritations. It is only officially available in France. Homeoplasmine contains extracts of plants as well as an antiseptic. Homeoplasmine ointment is intended to alleviate the irritation of nasal membranes commonly affected by colds and rhinitis. According to Boiron Laboratories (the product manufacturers) it is also effective on scratches, grazes, bruises, and cracks of the skin.

Homeoplasmine was originally created to heal the nasal passages from colds, allergies, and freezing temperatures-which is why it’s highly effective on lips when temperatures drop in harsh climates during winter. Parisians have been using it for decades as it is widely available and effective.

Homeoplasmine has been used by make-up artists during winter fashion shoots and runway shows to treat wind-chapped, windblown, and jetlagged models suffering from skin peeling from the cold. Minutes after application, skin looks hydrated again, radiant, and portrays an image of health. Gwyneth Paltrow’s site further indicates Homeoplasmine’s efficacy stating, “Meant for skin irritations, Homeoplasmine is a life-saver when it comes to dry, winter-ravaged skin.”

An effective method of use when doing make-up is to apply Homeoplasmine ointment liberally to red and chapped areas below the nose and on the lips for a few minutes, then wipe off and apply foundation as normally done. Homeoplasmine has a matte finish. According to Style Magazine, “Pretty much every makeup artist, Francophile, and international beauty junkie swears by Homeoplasmine as the go-to for chapped lips and dry patches. Unsurprisingly, it’s as awesome as they say and the aluminum tube is really satisfying to use.”

Further accolades include (UK), which adds, “Another perennial backstage beauty must-have, Homeoplasmine is the insider’s alternative to Vaseline. An emollient that cures chapped and dry skin; it softens lips with a matte velvety finish.”

Homeoplasmine ingredients are Calendula officinalis, Phytolacca officinalis, Bryonia, Benzoin, Boric acid, and Vaselinum album. It is not for children under 30 month’s old, or pro-longed use at any age. It should not be applied to breastfeeding areas. Short-term use is recommended at 1 to 3 times per day to clean skin.

The product is mildly scented with a slight tint, and packaged in an aluminum sealed tube. Plans to sell Homeoplasmine directly to consumers outside of France have not been made public at this time. Reasons for manufacturers limiting their marketing mainly to France are unclear given the product’s simple ingredients list.


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