Northern Cyprus – Europe’s Current Hot Spot


If you are looking for Europe’s current hot spot to set up home then you will need to head over to Northern Cyprus, which boasts more than 300 hundred sunny days per year. Cyprus itself is a fairly large island in the Mediterranean sea and does not seem to have felt any effect from the current economical crisis that has a grip on the rest of Europe. Villa investment in Northern Cyprus continues as it comes to a halt in the rest of the continent and “buy to let” seems to be the answer as people just love Cyprus and it’s almost perfect all year round climate.

You will find it hard to find a better holiday location in Europe at such great prices. This popular destination in Europe also boasts one of the oldest cultures to explore and the current local population are just so friendly. With those blue skies in mind, property investment in Cyprus has become one of the safest places to invest. You will also find to be a very safe environment to live in as it boasts the lowest crime rate throughout the EU.

Northern Cyprus is ideal for both long and short term profits, so you need not look any further for your next property investment. I have been to Spain recently and was shocked at the amount of developments just standing still, whereas in Cyprus you will see new cranes being set up every week. For you “quick profit and I’m out of here” investors, I would recommend just buying off-plan and selling on completion and this would result in net profits of up to 25%.

I had a UK mortgage until recently and I am so glad that I managed to pay it off, otherwise I would have been in trouble by now. How did I do it you may well ask and you just won’t believe how easy it has really been. I invested in a Cyprus villas about 3 years ago and was then able to rent it out on an average of 15 weeks per year. This covered the mortgage payments and I was able to invest in 2 more villas over the following years. All the extra income has helped me pay off my UK mortgage and I also have 3 villas that have virtually doubled in price.

As the new build market takes off and continues to grow, the resale market takes a bit of a bashing, so you need to be ready to pick up a few bargains as a good long term investment option. An average 3 bed, 2 bath villa with pool and sea views can be picked up for as little as 120.000 pounds sterling. Always offer about 15% under the asking price and you will be surprised at just how many people will go for it.


Source by Tim Martins

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