Keyword Elite Review – Should I Invest?


Brad Callen is one highly respected marketer online that has created many top tools online, like SEO Elite, and now Keyword Elite

Giving an honest keyword elite review is my best approach to show you if this product is worth your time and money.

Step 1: Analyze Pay Per Click Listing

I launched this feature and noticed that you can set many feature here as to where it would gather the keywords from.

The information retrieved is awesome, you can view the tops bids, know exactly how many competitor there are for Adwords, Overture, Ehance and Miva.

For Pay Per Click users, this is the type of information you want.

Step 2: Create A keyword List

Using keyword Elite you can build a big list of up to 10,000 in one session. But, that’s not all you can edit and append to the list of keyword found. The best part I like is, that it is happening on my desktop, and the keywords retrieved are from the top search engines.

Step 3: Select A Keyword List

This option just baffles me, I have no clue why this was included. It is actually used for building a keyword list from a built in list of over 2 million keywords. I prefer to do my keyword research from live data retrieved from the search engines.

As it seems, the data retrieved had some nice little keywords included.

Step 4: Analyze Keyword Competition

Keyword Elite really does a great job here analyzing the competition. It retrieves the top keywords and the top websites for your researched keyword.

What I specifically liked is the SEO-Research provided showing you exactly how the top sites were ranking. It showed if the site included that keyword in h1 tags, in the title, bold tags and in the first 25 words.

This information alone can help you to make minor adjustments to your own site for better rankings.

Step 5: Spy On AdWords Competition

Now, this tool takes any top ranking site (url) that you insert and will keep track on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as to how the ads are performing in Google, I would recommend keyword elite to anyone that makes a living off of Pay Per Click.

The keyword research that keyword elite does is outstanding, it is one keyword tool that I will be using for years to come, what I like is that this tool is being upgraded based on what you suggest to Brad. In the beginning, the tool was a little buggy. But, I must admit, it is now becoming a tool to reckon with.


Source by Robert Duffy

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