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Thane is a suburb of Mumbai which has developed into one of the largest housing Meccas in the whole City. There are many different kinds of apartments available in Thane. Some apartments are available for rent, and others are available for purchase. The types of apartments in Thane range from economy apartments to luxury suites. Whatever your price range you will be able to find a suitable apartment in Thane. Each of the different apartments has a different feel to them. When investigating apartments in Thane, it is important to look at several different locations build by several different design and construction groups.

There is a wide variety of apartments to choose from in the Thane area. Most of the apartments are from two to five bedrooms to accommodate any size of family or group. Apartments can come in the traditional apartment setting, flat style, or even separate houses. There is also a wide variety in price for people in different income brackets. There are suitable accommodations for every price range. Many apartments offer as many bathrooms as bedrooms which make for greater convenience. Some businesses will often rent out apartments for their business people and clientele to stay in while they are conducting business. The addition of many bathrooms makes apartments more appealing to business owners as well as families.

There are several main construction companies and investors already building in Thane. The most prominent of these is the Hiranandani Developers Pvt. Ltd. They have built many of the existing structures already in Thane. They have built over 15 separate apartment buildings and structures. They have been around for many years and are known for their high quality work. Another popular builder in the Thane area is the Cosmos Group. This company has also built several different apartment complexes and structures. They are probably the second most well-known and used builder in the Thane area. Other builders, designers, and construction companies in the Thane area include: Rustomjee, The Runwal Group, Haware Engineers and Builders Pvt. Ltd., Abrol Builders, Vakratunda Group, Dynamix Balwas Group, Dosti Group, Kanakia Spaces, Kalpataru Properties Pvt. Ltd., Neelkanth Group, Mittal Builders, Godrej Properties Ltd., and the Vijay Group. All of these companies specialize in a different kind of apartment building, so it is a good idea to check each company’s work for the best apartment for any business’s needs.

Many of these companies are just getting started building in the Thane area. There are many great investment opportunities with each of these companies. To investigate investment possibilities, contact any of the businesses that fit the goal of your organization or company. These businesses would welcome any investment capitol that any other business has to offer them. Since Thane real estate is just emerging into prominence, now is a good time to invest in the market. The return on investment projection for this area is higher than many other areas.


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