HSBC Home Loan Interest Rates 2010 – How to Find the Best Rates?


Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is one of the leading banks in the world and have branches in India. It offers Home loans as one of the financial products. If you spend some time and analyze the scheme details offered by HSBC, then you can get a good home loan rates for buying your dream home. This article will also guide you for the same.

HSBC Home Loan interest rates 2010:

HSBC offers housing loans for any type of resident Indians and NRI. You can either apply for a home finance with fixed interest or floating interest. In case if you need to migrate from a floating rate to a fixed rate, you can do it by approaching the bank. They will shift the loan schemes from a floating rate to a fixed rate free of charge.

Regarding interest rates, after July 01, 2010 the interest would be fixed based on a “HSBC Base Rate“. This base rate would change periodically and you have to get the latest rates from HSBC bank or related websites. The loans sanctioned before July 01, 2010 the interest rates would be based on “HSBC Retail Lending Rate”. This retail lending rate would also vary periodically and you have to check the websites for latest rates.

How to Find the Best Rates?

You have to spend some time by comparing the interest offered by HSBC for various home loan schemes and analyze the best. You can find more guidance for analyzing the same is available in related websites.

Next Step: Start analyzing the best rates for HSBC Home Loans.


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