Ever Thought About a Mortgage For People With Bad Credit?


If you are one of the many people these days with less than perfect credit, the continual reminders that “now is the time to buy a home” may have you thinking you may never get the chance to own your own home. Don’t give up just yet. There are mortgages for people with bad credit; you just need to be willing to do your research and put out a little bit of money.

With the right amount of money to put out, anyone can be qualified for a mortgage. Which home loans for people with bad credit you may be eligible for, as well as what you’ll have to do to qualify for a loan, will be determined by the severity of your credit situation. Your credit rating affects two primary aspects of qualifying for a loan program: the amount of down payment you will have to provide and the interest rate you will pay on your loan. If you read the fine print during commercials advertising mortgages with little or no money down, you will notice that these are only available to people whose credit scores are above 700. Interest rates increase for people falling below the 700 mark. And a credit rating below 620 is categorized as sub-prime.

Obviously, none of those particular advertisements will apply to you if you know you are in the market for mortgage loans for people with bad credit, but you will still be able to find mortgage lenders for people with bad credit. Your interest rates will definitely be higher and you may need a 25% to 50% down payment to qualify, but a mortgage loan for people with bad credit should still be possible for you to obtain even if your credit score is very low. Lenders will often provide the option of buying down your interest rate, but this is usually quite expensive and may not be worth the cost to you.

Rebuilding your credit may be a good way to go even if you qualify for mortgages for people with bad credit, since working your way back to a good credit score will allow you much more flexibility in choosing a mortgage that is more economical and better suited to your needs once you’ve attained a better credit rating.


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