Debt Consolidation Refi Loans – Eliminate Debt with a Mortgage Refinancing


Refinancing your home loan can be worthwhile for several reasons. If
you purchased your current home when rates were high, refinancing for a
lesser rate may actually lower your monthly payment. Moreover,
refinancing your home and receiving cash at closing is another attractive
feature. With this option, homeowners also have the opportunity to eliminate

What are Refinance Mortgage Loans?

By choosing to refinance your existing mortgage loan, you will create a
new loan to replace the old. Aside from getting a lower interest rate,
some choose refinancing to convert their adjustable rate mortgage into
a fixed rate. Obtaining a shorter loan term is another reason for
refinancing. Refinancing your home loan may take several weeks. Moreover,
homeowners must have the disposable income to pay closing costs and other
mortgage fees.

How to Consolidate Debt with a Mortgage Refinance?

A cash-out mortgage refinance will allow you to obtain a lump sum of
money when you close on the new loan. When you refinance, you create a
new mortgage and borrow money from your home’s equity. The borrowed money
can be used for any purpose. Debt consolidation is a top reason why
many homeowners choose this option.

Once the funds are received, you can use the money to payoff the
balance on credit cards, automobile loans, student loans, personal loans,
etc. In most cases, the amount borrowed from your home’s equity can be
included in the new mortgage amount; thus you will not acquire a second

Choosing a Good Debt Consolidation Refinance Lender

Several lenders are willing to offer mortgage refinancing. However,
homeowners should not make a hasty decision. Instead, you should carefully
review lender sites and request quotes before making a final decision.

The key to refinancing is getting a good, low rate. Moreover,
homeowners should attempt to get some fees waived. For this matter, contact the
lender of your current mortgage. If you were a loyal customer and
developed a good relationship, your lenders may not charge fees such as
title search, application, etc. In this instance, you can save hundred on
your closing cost.

Working with an online mortgage broker is another great way to locate a
good lender. Brokers will contact several lenders on your behalf. In
turn, lenders will make you an offer. The offer will include rates and
mortgage terms. You choose the lender with the best quote.


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