Buying a Villa Or Holiday Home – What About Cyprus?


Thinking of buying a villa or holiday home in Cyprus? It is the best way to invest your hard earned money as prices are great value but just Economists predicted they are starting to rise in value. Cyprus property for sale definitely favours the buyer at the moment.

Many retired people are looking for villas for rent in Cyprus, long term rental is popular on the Island as many come here for the winter months as the weather is much milder. Also families find it cheaper to come here for the whole summer rather than being in the UK spending out on day trips, so villas for rent in Cyprus long term during these months are very popular.

Our Island basks in around 320 days of sunshine each year and so it a great place to invest in, if you are thinking of buying a villa or holiday home in Cyprus why not look at the coastal towns and villages, there is plenty of Cyprus property for sale in these areas. Imagine sitting on your veranda on a warm summers evening listening to the sea and the sound of crickets.

There is so much to see and do on the Island, if you are into water sports there is almost every kind of sport conceivable and you can even take a stroll along the sea bed. Walkers will love the numerous treks all over the Island, and the views will take your breath away. Shoppers haven’t been forgotten either as all towns play host to an eclectic mix of shops and Nicosia (the capital of the Island) has many of the well known chains you will find in UK.

If you want to invest in a villa or holiday home, Cyprus is the ideal place to do this as prices are great value, flights are inexpensive and the Island is beautiful. It is called the Island of Love and you will certainly fall in love with her.

Did you know that Richard the Lionheart married in Limassol castle and that Aphrodite was alleged to have been born out of the sea in Cyprus?

Eating out is a wonderful leisurely experience and the food is outstanding, the tavernas which are frequented by the Cypriots are the best places to eat, food is fresh and so tasty you will want more. You will often find that the salads and vegetables that you are eating have been picked the same day and they taste wonderful. Mediterranean dining is much healthier as most meats are grilled so very little fat remains and the fish are caught locally. If you opt for a meze, be sure to go hungry as there are usually around 20-25 courses and the food just keeps coming and coming and coming….

We all know that property is the biggest and probably the best investment that we could make, so why not invest in Cyprus, property for sale is great value but is on the rise. Buying a villa or holiday home in Cyprus could change your whole way of life

Why not consider buying a villa as a holiday home, in Cyprus there is the potential to rent it all year round. Your investment today could reap big bonuses in the next few years. Cyprus property for sale is inexpensive but won’t stay this way for long. So hurry if you want to catch a bargain.


Source by Tony W Smith

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