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Benefits of Cypress Outdoor Furniture in Commercial Properties


Deciding on patio furniture for a commercial landscape can be a daunting task. Often, it can be difficult to predict what kind of qualities will give owners the highest ROI. While inexpensive pines are an economic choice, going with a high quality outdoor wood will elevate the appearance of your landscape.

Outdoor furniture represents a huge investment for commercial properties and it is obvious that patio furniture is constantly exposed to the elements as well as heavy use by the clientele. While there are any number of styles and materials suitable for commercial outdoor furniture, consider the many benefits of selecting furniture constructed using cypress wood.

Cypress wood inherently has properties that make it an ideal candidate for durable lawn furniture; hundred year-old cypress wood timbers are still in use. While other trees, like maples, contain a sticky sap, the cypress tree contains cypressine. Cypressine is an oil that naturally preserves the wood even better than man-made oil compounds used to make treated lumber. Cypress is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture at coastal commercial properties since it resists the salty air as well as fungus and insects.

Cypress wood is also incredibly easy to paint. Being able to add unique and vibrant colors to your commercial property’s outdoor furniture will make your site cheery and memorable. Whether choosing to create a color palate, or unifying your landscape with one consistent color, adding paint elevates any commercial area. Plus, brightening up your site is as easy as applying a new coat of paint!

Cypress outdoor furniture is an accessible, affordable, and high quality wood that will resist environmental damages, elevate the luxury of your site, and will let you add color to all of your outdoor furnishings.


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