Areas Where You Can Invest and Make Money As a Small Business (Part 1)


The act of deciding where to invest money could be a hard one for so many people. There is usually the fear of losing one’s hard-earned income, as well as the lack of knowledge concerning the prospects in the business areas.

I personally recommend the following areas for anyone who wishes to invest in any market. The carefully selected areas are areas where one is sure of success if the rules of financial success are faithfully obeyed.

1. Phones and accessories: We are in the era of information technology where almost everybody uses the mobile phone. Going into this area would guarantee success because people are buying new phones regularly and giving out their old and outdated ones. Nokia, Sony Erickson, Samsung, Sagem, LG, T-mobile, Tecno, etc are some of the available brands in the Nigerian market.

People also need Blackberry and other forms of smart phones just for the prestige of using expensive phones. So there is a ready market for phones right now and this will continue into the future as far as people would always communicate.

You can also make high profits from the sales of phone accessories like batteries, phone covers, blue tooth, headsets, earphones, memory cards, etc. Telecommunication has actually made Carlos Slim the richest man in the world right now.

2. Foodstuff: People would always eat no matter the prevailing economic situations. People are bound to be hungry whether there are foods or not. The only way to quench hunger is to eat food. Going into foodstuff business is a good place to make profit. That is one of the reasons Aliko Dangote is making it more than any other African today. He is into the sales of salt, spaghetti, sugar, fruit juice, bottled water, etc.

3. Clothes: People will not go naked because things are difficult; they will always look for a way to cover their nakedness because clothing is one of the essential requirements in life.

4. Healthcare: Have you noticed the number of persons going to Synagogue Church of All Nations, Christ Embassy and other churches for healing? Others go to hospitals, clinics, patent medicine stores, traditional healers, etc for help. If you are skilled in this area set your business along this line and you will make it.

5. Information: The reason you are reading this hand-out is because you need information. The reason people go to the internet every second is because they want to be informed. Selling information products is a good way to earn a living. Information products could be DVD, VCD, cosmetology books, cookery books; how to produce soap, cream; how to repair computers and GSM phones, etc.


Source by Joseph Ezie Efoghor

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